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What Would Happen if You Got in a Car Accident & Didn’t have Insurance?

Wondering What Would Happen if You Got in a Car Accident & Didn’t have Auto Insurance?

You knew it was risky but you decided to take the chance and didn’t buy car insurance. The bad news is that you were just in an accident and are now wondering what will happen because you don’t own insurance.

There are many financial and legal ramifications for driving without insurance and, perhaps in hindsight, had you known about the consequences you may not have driven without insurance in the first place.

When you’re in an accident and you don’t own auto insurance, you will be forced to cover the cost of any and all damage done not only to your own vehicle but possibly even the other driver’s vehicle. If you totaled your car and don’t currently have enough money to replace it, this could put you in an even tougher situation.

The more serious and possibly scarier side of things is if, during the accident, another driver or person was injured and you were at-fault. While bodily injury liability insurance will cover the cost of the person’s medical expenses and treatments, because you do not have insurance you may be forced to pay for these costs on your own. Depending on the severity of their injuries, this could cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. If the other person takes you to court and you cannot pay for the damages they’re seeking, you could lose your personal property—such as your home—to cover the expenses.

In addition to the financially ruinous side of driving without auto insurance, there are the legal ramifications. You see, in most states it is illegal to drive without car insurance and upon failing to present valid insurance to a police officer or judge, you could be fined and your license suspended. All of these legal consequences will only make an already difficult situation that much harder.

To learn more about why you need car insurance, contact one of our licensed insurance agents today. This won’t be a decision you regret.



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